School Uniform Labels - Made Easy with Attach-a-Tag.

Labelling your childs school uniform is a time consuming and tiresome task that Mums (and some Dad's) throughout the country groan at the thought of, especially at the beginning of the new School term!

Sitting there for hours sewing in school uniform labels - knowing you are going to have to repeat the task is exasperating. Not any more.... Attach-a-Tag™ is an ingenious device that labels school uniforms in seconds, and doesn't fall off or fade.

Attach-a-Tag™ solves school uniform labelling problems. Designed to replicate a small discrete button, Attach-a-Tag™ is laser etched with the child's name and then applied to the garment laundry label or seam with the twist and turn applicator.

The simple and easy alternative method for school uniform labelling. So simple the children could label their own school uniform, saving you even more time! School Uniform labelling has never been so easy!

How Attach-a-Tag works

  • No time consuming sewing
  • Perfect for School Uniform Labels
  • No fiddly ironing on adhesive labels
  • No unsightly names written in marker pen that washes off in the laundry process!

Attach-a-Tag™ has been ergonomically designed so that it is comfortable and barely noticeable to the wearer. Used as a cost effective replacement for school uniform labels, Attach-a-Tag™ is widely used in schools, nurseries and care homes across the UK.

Attach-a-Tag™ patented design can be reused and is suitable for boil washes, dry cleaning and is even iron proof!

Attach-a-tag™ is not just for School Uniform Labels and can also be used on rucksacks, swimming bags football boots, pencil cases and other soft objects. Flexible and versitile Attach-a-Tag™ is the answer to all your school uniform labelling problems!

"I use Attach-a-Tag for my baby daughter who attends's great having her clothes and blankets labelled without having to use a pen. I wash her clothes and put them through the dryer and they do not come off at all. I was worried my daughter might pull the tag off but once it's on it's impossible for it to come off without using the removal tool!"Lisa, mum to 6 month-old Effy

A quick and easy replacement for school uniform name tapes, it makes naming uniform easier and quicker, than ever before. At only 8.50 for 30 tags Attach-a-Tag™ is a more robust and cost effective method for replacing school uniform name tapes.

Simply click the order button below, tell us what name you want on your Attach-a-Tag ™, order your applicator and you're ready to go!

Problems with school uniform name tapes will now be a thing of the past.

School Uniform labelling the quick and easy way!

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Attach-a-Tag Demonstration Movies

Please click the links below to see how Attach-a-Tag makes clothes labelling easier by viewing our demonstration movies.